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Injury Prevention & Productivity Improvement Programs For Hospitality That Decrease Injury Costs Greater Than You Thought Possible...And Sustain These Benefits For Years!

Imagine virtually eliminating injuries in your hotel. 
You have found a proven, predictable, risk-free solution!

We are experts. Over the past 12+ years in the hospitality industry, we have developed and perfected an integrated system that's proven to reduce workplace injuries and associated medical costs.

We have a 100% success rate and an average injury cost reduction of 50-90%. We accomplish this with two systems.  A system that influences your workers to willingly change to safer and more efficient work habits and a system that influences workers to use these habits daily sustained for many years!

You can expect an increase in employee productivity, which decreases labor costs and improves morale...which translates into exceptional guest experiences!


Benefits You Can Expect When Working With Us

Significant Reduction in Medical Expenses

Injury prevention means fewer accidents and lower medical expenses, increasing your profitability. We will exceed your expectations. Historical data is proof. The systems you are about to learn have produced 100% success for 12 years with an average injury cost reduction of 50-90%. Workers who feel better and are pain-free are more productive (reducing labor costs) and more pleasant and accommodating to guests! Improving guest experience.

Customized Program for Every Department In Your Hotel

Our programs are customized for every department and designed to influence the safest and most efficient behaviors for every specific task. After 12 years improving conditions at so many hotels, we provide a solution for every possible situation. We listen to you. If there is ever a task in your property we do not currently address, let us know and we will create and provide a video training on the “Best” technique at no additional cost.

Sustained Results With Habits That Last

We use state of the art Behavior Modification Training. Your staff will not only be trained and influenced to do things on-the-job in more comfortable, safer and efficient ways...but we provide simple-to-maintain systems that influence workers to use the new behaviors daily and for years! Because workers feel better, and work seems easier, eventually the new habits become their natural habits. You then have a truly safe and efficient culture.

Compliance with the New Cal/OSHA Regulations

Every lodging establishment in California must have a Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Plan (MIPP) for housekeepers by Oct 1 2018. 

Click the button below for a complete checklist that gets you in compliance and a copy of the State regulation.


Client Testimonials

Results we have created for our clients.

"Our workforce has an array of different tasks. Your custom program for each department has been remarkable and effective. Both our associates and management have embraced your systems, and there has been an average 75% reduction in Lost time days, Injuries and work comp expenses. The cost savings will fund a number of projects we have been looking to do."

Dan Piotrowski
Managing Director, Omni Hotel Nashville

"Today we received a premium projection largely due to the injury prevention program. Quite frankly, no one expected a premium savings of nearly a quarter of a million dollars."

Millie Bisonó-Baker
Former Director of Human Resources at The Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles, CA

"In 25 years involvement in safety and risk management, this is without a question the BEST program I have had the privilege to present...and certainly the most valuable for the employees and the company. I am both proud and happy to let you know the dramatic results achieved: Our claim expenses were $264,214 (114% of premium) when you began your program. After one year, claim expenses decreased to only $4,505 (2% of premium) "

Ernesto Herrera
Human Resources Manager, UVDI

"I can already see that this is money well spent.  This is really an outstanding program and I can see that not only is work comp going down, but morale and efficiency are improving and ultimately that translates to the guest.  "

April Shute
Vice President and General Manager, Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

"I just wanted to say thank you. A team member that is not in my department expressed some discomfort in her lower back. I showed her the low back stretch and how to lift and stand like we learned in the Best Performance workshop. She has expressed that she does feel better at work and at home. Your knowledge has made me a better supervisor. Thank you again. Best Performances is Awesome!"

Jonathan Redd
Manager, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

"The Best Performance training taught me an exercise to relieve neck stiffness. I have used this method daily to relieve stiffness and it works great! It is simple, quick, easy and effective. I used to hurt and take Advil daily. No more drugs for me!"

Steve Lockhart
Guest Room Dining Manager, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

"Thank you so much for teaching us how to adjust our desks. I had been working for 2 years with arm and wrist pain and I was wearing a brace. Now that the desk is fixed my wrist has improved 100%. "

Lona Bryant
Salon Coordinator, 
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

"My hip has been hurting for a few years. It was getting worse and would catch and my leg would give out as I was walking once in a while. The way you taught us to stand and the hip exercises has made the problem go away completely. Thank you. "

Eleazar Altamirano
Front Desk Agent, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

"The Best Performance neck stretches I learned yesterday worked wonders! I woke up this morning with very little pain. When pulling out of my garage I could actually turn my head to look behind me instead of my entire upper body. I haven’t been able to do that in over a year. Thank you so much for the help! "

Adam Solowitz
Executive Sous Chef, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

"It is unfortunate I didn’t take the Best Performance course sooner. I’ve had this gnawing pain in my knee for the past 5 weeks and the techniques I learned had me walking and sleeping normal within 24 hours!"

Marc Westengard
Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

"Best Performance Systems not only helped us reduce over 50% of our Resorts severity rate year after year, but helped evolve a strong safety culture that sustained with time. I highly recommend their services for any business looking to implement strong and simple safe work practices that team members embrace, and injuries and related costs reduce greatly. "

José Hurtado
Certified Lodging Security Director

Our Programs

Click on any of the 12 hotel departments below to see the specific ways in which we reduce injuries and improve productivity for that department.

The Unique "Best Performance" Delivery System That's Predictably Successful 100% Of The Time!

For each department, we deliver a 12-Month program, with content released weekly for both that Department's Supervisors and Workers.

Most training programs are delivered as a complete program, with instructions and a schedule on how to implement it over time. The problem is human nature. Most will do it for a while, then get busy and leave it on the shelf with the intention to start it again. But too often, it remains there and never gets implemented.  A solution is only of value if it is being used.

Recognizing and experiencing this challenge, we have solved it. The 2-10 minute video trainings are released 1-2 times per week for each department, for a year, keeping safety, efficiency and feeling good at work top of mind. And if a challenge comes up, you can show the appropriate earlier video that solves that problem. You have a constantly evolving easy to access library of solutions to solve problems as they arise.  This is not your typical "program". We provide you with everything you need to be successful! 

In The 12-Month Training Program, Each Weekly Training Has The Following:

  • The behavior modification training video. Just show it to the workers. The video trains them and influences them to try the new habit
  • Each video either teaches the best way to perform a job specific skill, or how to self treat to relieve or prevent a particular discomfort common in that department
  • A short video with a new simple and effective Supervisor skill to add to their tool bag to influence and motivate the "best" workers' behavior. Quick, fun and effective skills on team building, coaching, conflict resolution and leadership.
  • Downloadable PDFs of the transcript of the video, supporting documents, checklists and posters to support the new habits
  • Training videos and documents in English and Spanish

Online Access To Your Video Training Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

We provide the 12-month training program in multiple formats so that your Supervisors and Workforce can learn in the ways that best suit them.  

  • Watch the training VIDEOS in a group pre shift meeting

  • Show a VIDEO 1 on 1 to a worker to solve their challenge

  • READ the transcripts  

  • PRINT supporting documents and posters

  • Access the training from any desktop computer, laptop or mobile device. Anywhere in the world. Anytime you like!



Special FREE Bonuses!

We want to give you even greater value to ensure your success, with these 5 valuable extras!


  • Supervisor Seminar: "How To Influence And Motivate Worker Behavior" ($3,000 value)
  • Supervisor Seminar: "Non Confrontational Conflict Resolution" ($3,000 value)
  • Two 30-Minute Complimentary Phone Consultations With A Best Performance Systems Consultant To Support Any Challenges That May Arise  ($500 value)
  • Easy To Deliver Program For Any Worker Who May Benefit: "Self Care To Prevent, Manage And Control Stress And How It Affects You" ($99 value)
  • A FREE customized video training for any task you need that is not already covered in the Best Performance program
    ($$$ priceless!)


Pricing Options

We currently have online training programs available for 4 hotel departments: HOUSEKEEPING, LAUNDRY, KITCHEN/SERVERS and OFFICE WORKERS. Additional departments are being released throughout 2019!




12-Month Online Training Program 

Weekly Video Trainings for Supervisors and Workers 

Systems To Sustain Daily Use Of Healthier Habits

Checklists, Transcripts And Posters You Can Download

Supervisors Can Access 24/7 Any Computer or Mobile Device

In English and Spanish

Cal/OSHA (MIPP) Compliant

Incredible Injury Cost Reductions

Improved Productivity

30-Day Money Back Guarantee





12-Month Online Training Program For Each





12-Month Online Training Program For Each



We’ve adapted our offer to allow access to our signature training on a subscription basis.
This monthly means that with this amount is so small, it will simply fit into the departments , there is usually no need to include this outside of the operating budget!




Subscription Deal Includes the same as on-off payments





Subscription Deal Includes the same as on-off payments

Only $227/department!





Subscription Deal Includes the same as on-off payments

Only $207/department!


Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Best Performance training program is a proven system, with a 100% success rate with Hotels just like yours for over 12 years. However, if you're still unsure whether this is the best solution for your property, staff and current situation, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Try the program risk-free and if you're not happy with it, ask for a refund within 30-days and we'll refund you in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top 1% of influencers and thought leaders in injury prevention and productivity improvement get results that is far better than their colleagues.

You see, the top 1% take the time to do something that the majority don’t.

This positions them as the go-to experts that get the results you are looking for.

While everyone else blends in by taking a traditional approach, and getting traditional results, Best Performance has systems that impact people’s behavior and bring about extraordinary results. Give workers knowledge and you impact their brains. But that may not change their behavior. To change their behavior, you must also impact their hearts. How will what you are teaching impact them personally? Prove to the worker that they personally benefit is the key.

The secrets are:

  1. The ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple, easy to understand, easy to digest, entertaining, influential way
  2. Systems to easily train the workforce even in an overworked, understaffed department
  3. Every skill to prevent injury also improves efficiency and productivity
  4. Systems to easily keep the safe and efficient habits “top of mind” daily, and year after year.
  5. A system that brings to workers attention how much better they feel, that work seems easier, that they feel better.

The extra effort that we provide makes us predictably effective at having an immediate and long term positive impact on your operation.

Is it worth the effort?

Many of our clients save $1Million annually in work comp costs, sustained year after year.

We have studied virtually every injury prevention program in the world. We combine the best elements of many. Through trying new approaches for the last 12 years, following the worker population for many years, and altering to improve results, we have developed a unique system that works every time.

Worker trainings are behavior modification based, and workers truly understand why “normal” technique makes them feel bad, and why healthy technique makes them feel good, makes work seem easier, they have less pain, they get more done with less effort, and what we have found is the most important benefit in the eyes of most workers…they go home from work with more energy to enjoy their friends, family and activities.

Workers are not told to change to healthier habits, they choose to and think it is their idea.

And people don’t argue with their own choices.

After the initial video based training, there is a simple system, that takes the supervisor 3-5 minutes per day, that influences and motivates the workers to use the new healthier habits daily, and for many years.

Workers are rewarded when caught using safe and efficient habits.

Workers are rewarded when they remind fellow workers to use safe and efficient habits.

Workers' ideas are sought and they feel respected, empowered and feel ownership of their department.

Supervisors are influenced to understand that their job is easier and more successful if they support safe and efficient worker behavior. They are given simple to implement and maintain skills, which take only minutes per week, and get immediate results.

Most of you know what to teach workers to do so they don’t get injured, and work more efficiently.

You have been telling them what to do for years. But they still keep their old stressful habits.

With this step-by-step system, you confidently know how to change behaviors and create predictable injury and cost reductions.

This system changes people's habits, improves the culture, makes you more profitable, and works every time that it is applied.

Most training programs start out being applied, but soon collect dust on the shelf and they are forgotten.

They fall victim to lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do next, or they are too time consuming, or the hotel gets busy and staff stops the program temporarily, and never seem to resume it.

A program is only of value if people use the new techniques, daily and consistently over the long term.

Recognizing this challenge Best Performance developed a solution.

You will get a complete A-Z  step by step implementation plan, which will allow you to confidently impact your workers' behavior and watch injuries and costs shrink faster and more than you thought possible!

Workers and supervisors receive a training 1-2 times a week, so new skills to feel and function better are always “top of mind”. The trainings are 2-10 minutes long, so they easily fit into production schedules. The supervisor tasks take 3-5 minutes per day. The workers tasks are simply to work in a way that has them feeling better and working faster.

We provide a logical schedule to implement the trainings, which makes the system foolproof and successful every time if you simply follow it. It is designed to be a quick and pleasant experience and is well received by the workers and supervisors

The trainings are accessible anytime, anywhere , on any device---including mobile phone and tablet.

The supervisor can show the training at a pre shift meeting, or to the worker on the spot if they are having a specific challenge.

Most people, including your supervisors, are not comfortable or trained to teach effectively.. All training is done via the effective short videos. All the supervisor needs to do is push the button and it plays, then turn it off.  The behavior modification based videos train the worker on the healthier technique, and influence the worker to try the new technique. Then the supervisor asks the group 3 questions, which we supply as a download, about what they just saw. This is a psychological technique to cause the worker to think about what they just saw on the video, and remember it and understand it better. This will occur if the worker participates in answering the question or not.

In the supervisor trainings, we show how much easier their job will be if they influence their team to use healthy work habits, which influences the supervisors to do the very little we ask of them.

Workers watch a 2-10 minute video in a pre shift twice per week.

The supervisor shows the video, then asks 3 questions which we provide

Supervisors spend 3-5 minutes per day catching people do things safe and efficient, and reward them with a Kudos card.

That is 90% of the program which has delivered a 100% success rate in hospitality for 12 years with an average injury cost reduction of 50-90%

This program works 100% of the time in every imaginable situation, and it will work for you!

It is designed to influence the workers to try the technique by influencing and rewarding them in multiple ways.  

The reality is, if they try the techniques taught, work will seem easier the first day they try it, and they will feel better. We provide a system to find the workers that are feeling better from the new techniques, and get them to share how they feel better and how  work seems easier. This influences more to try the new skills. And if they actually feel better, they will keep using it.

After the first few days, many will be aware that they go home with more energy to enjoy their friends and family.

We have been solving problems in Resorts, urban hotels, Country clubs and restaurants for over a decade. Every time a new challenge occurs, we develop a solution to prevent it. We think we have most challenges addressed already.

However, if there is a situation or job task we have not addressed, let us know and we will create a video training to fulfill your needs at no additional charge. 

Solving challenges for clients as they arise is one of the reasons we already have a repertoire of solutions for most challenges.


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