For 25 years, Best Performance Systems has implemented customized systems for
Manufacturing & Hospitality, 
Dramatically Reducing  Injuries & Costs,
improving  productivity, health, safety, morale, and retention.

Results for past clients

100% Success rate since 1995. Average Injury Cost Reduction 50-90%. Results are immediate and sustained for years.

Small Manufacturing

The Monadnock Company ‚Äď Aerospace
Moore Electronics Industries
Qiagen Laboratories
Hunt and Wesson
Marconi Astronics
Calibre International
Digital Imaging
Ultra Violet Devices Inc.
Lisi Aerospace
Good Year Tire
Xencor Laboratories
Quaker City Electro-Plating
Rohr Aerospace
Baldor Linear Motors & Drives
Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Jerry Leigh Apparel
Lido Veal & Lamb
Xencor Laboratories
Milgard Windows

"Our entire department has embraced BEST PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS. People are laughing and happier, there is more of a teamwork atmosphere. The result is improvements in safety, waste has virtually been eliminated, and we are surpassing production goals for the first time month after month."
Don Hoffman- QC Lisi Aerospace

"This Is the best program I've had the privilege to present. Claim expenses were $264,000 (114% of premium) and after one year claim expenses decreased to $4500 (2% of premium)"
Ernesto Herrera-HR director-UVDI  


Large Manufacturing

Genie Lift Corp.
Pratt & Whitney
Boeing  Corporation
United Airlines Engine Shop

"We have seen productivity go up, injuries go down and waste reduce significantly. The benefits have far surpassed our expectations, and I would recommend Best Performance to any manufacturer."
George Tyrone-Rotor Blade Engineer-Pratt & Whitney

"The BEST PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS program was so well received, that workers and supervisors are now communicating better as a team and injuries have dropped from 2 Mill/year to 900K /year. For the first time we are seeing  workers help each other to be more efficient and safer."
Jose Gonzalez-Work Comp Coordinator Genie Lift Corp.



La Quinta Resort-Hilton
La Costa Resort-Omni
Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa-KSL
Omni Hotel Los Angeles
Wilshire Grand Hotel-Korean Air
Lawrence Welk Resort
Monarch Beach Resort
Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ

"This is and outstanding program. Not only is work comp going down, but morale and efficiency are improving and ultimately that translates to the guest."
April Shute-Vice President and General Manager-Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

"Best Performance Systems not only helped us reduce our severity rate by 50% and annual savings of $1 Million year after year, but implemented a strong safety culture that  has sustained with time. I highly recommend their services for any business looking to implement safe work practices that team members embrace, and injuries and related costs reduce greatly."
José Hurtado, CLSD La Quinta Resort


The Best Performance Systems Program - A Four Phase Solution

Following is the foundation of the Best Performance Systems Action Plan.
It is customized for each location and department including equipment, work habits, injury history, cultural issues, worker suggestions and morale.

1. Assessment & Customization: 

  • Identify goals & objectives with company management.
  • Anonymous surveys of workers.
  • On-site¬†ergonomic and¬†employee work habit evaluation by observation.
  • One-on-one Worker & Supervisor interviews to solicit¬†ideas for improving safety, happiness and efficiency and to uncover hidden problems
  • Showing workers respect by asking for and using some of their ideas shows respect and begins the Behavior Modification process which leads to embracing healthier habits.
  • Customized training for each department based on real & perceived concerns.

2. Supervisor Training:

Most supervisors are managers, telling people what to do.
The Best Performance Leadership program transforms managers into leaders, providing simple to learn and implement practical skills that influence & motivate workers to ‚ÄúBe their Best‚ÄĚ, improving safety, productivity, and worker happiness.
Despite the best efforts of the L&D and training communities, traditional leadership development programs have little impact on business results or are not sustainable.
  • To the Supervisor, this program is about having their department run with maximum efficiency and safety. They are key to a successful outcome. Only they have consistent contact to influence workers.
  • ¬†Supervisors learn and are influenced to communicate with workers so they feel respected, have some ownership, and are receptive to the supervisors' directions.
  • ¬†They learn to apply leadership & team building skills, support positive morale,¬† positive communication, conflict resolution & more.
  • ¬†They are empowered to recognize, reward and influence daily use of safe and efficient behavior, and to recognize and correct "at risk" behavior.
  • ¬†Supervisors are rarely experienced trainers, biomechanical experts or ergonomists. They are provided with short videos that do this for them to show at preshifts or on their smart phones to solve worker challenges as they arise.
  • ¬†Supervisors have ongoing access to the Best Performance team to support solving challenges.
  • Supervisors sometimes are concerned that they will have more work and tasks to add to an impossibly busy schedule. But 100% of the time, those supervisors who implement the Best Performance skills find themselves working less, and their reports and department are getting more done.¬†

3. Worker Training: Behavior Modification Based

  • To the Worker, this program is about feeling better, having more energy and less aches and pain, getting more work done with less effort; and most important to the worker, to go home with more energy to enjoy family, friends and activities.
  • Workers are trained, influenced & motivated to¬† adjust their equipment and technique so they feel better, work seems easier and they get more done.¬†
  • Workers learn 3-second stress-reduction techniques to do while working to instantly feel less pain and tension, and more energy and strength. They will do them because they actually feel better.
  • Behavior Modification training has workers choose to use new techniques, instead of being told to.
  • Supervisors are empowered to implement systems that influence workers using the safest and most efficient habits daily and for years.
  • ¬†

4. Integration: 

Most training companies provide training, then leave without providing sufficient systems to keep the new skills alive daily and year after year. Best Performance Systems provides the following to integrate the best habits into your company and culture, daily and for years. 

  • Unlimited Email support for 1 year to answer supervisor questions and solve challenges.
  • Supervisors are rarely experienced trainers, biomechanical experts or ergonomists. They are provided with short videos that do this for them¬†to show at preshifts or on their smartphones to solve worker challenges throughout the shift as they arise. The videos show either the best way to perform a particular job task, or how to self-treat to reduce or eliminate an area of pain, discomfort or weakness.
  • Meeting with Supervisors via online live meetings for additional skills¬†and to¬†support¬†solving challenges.¬†
  • Positive Reinforcement Reminder & Incentive Programs create a fun attitude and top of mind habits of safe and efficient behavior, daily and for years!
  • Management Controls: Simple systems to keep track of participation, guaranteeing company-wide application & success of the BPS program, sustained for years.

Keys to Success

Supervisor Leadership Development

We train, guide and empower your supervisors to evolve from managers, who tell people what to do; to be Leaders, who inspire workers to work and act their best.

Additional leadership skills are provided every month or so for the next year.

Worker Skill & Attitude Development

Workers are trained and motivated to adjust their equipment and technique so they take in less stress.

They learn-3 second movements to do while working that instantly reduce tension, fatigue and pain by getting rid of some stress. 

The result is feeling better, getting more work done, making fewer mistakes, feeling better, and having fewer injuries.


Post Training Integraton

Your supervisors are provided with simple to implement and fun systems that keep the new and healthier habits alive in your workforce daily and year after year. 

This is the most important missing element in all other injury prevention programs. Because of the lack of post training integration, the knowledge slowly disappears over a few months. 

Next Steps

Every workplace is unique, and so are its safety and productivity needs. We understand the challenges you face.
Take action now by scheduling a consultation call with us and let's delve into your specific challenges. Together, we'll explore how our proven injury prevention-productivity improvement system can be customized to address your specific needs.
Take the first step towards a safer and more productive workplace, a more positive culture, and greater profitability now.

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