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"FREE MINI PREMIUM ONLINE COURSE Gives You A Proven System To Reduce Hospitality Workplace Injuries GREATER Than You Thought Possible!"

* If you are a California-based hotel, you will be in compliance with the new Cal/OSHA (MIPP) regulation with the Premium Version of Best Performance. *

We are experts.  With 12+ years experience in the hospitality industry, we have developed and perfected an integrated system that's proven to reduce injuries with a 100% success rate and an average injury cost reduction of 50-90%. The BEST part is it's easy to implement, even for the busiest hotels!  It only takes a few minutes each day and offers predictable results. The short video below explains what's in the FREE MINI PREMIUM COURSE and its value to you.


In this FREE MINI PREMIUM ONLINE COURSE you will discover:


  • Actionable skills that can be demonstrated to your workforce today that you will observe them using tomorrow, without any reminders!

  • Behavior modification-based videos that train and influence your workers to perform all tasks, so they feel better, work seems easier and they are far more productive!

  • A system for supervisors to reward and influence workers to use the safer and more efficient techniques daily and for years to come! Transforming temporary gains into permanent habits and a culture of safety.

  • Effective supervisor communication skills and influential leadership skills that make workers feel respected, empowered, happy and eager to take proactive steps to make THEIR department and hotel run at its best! 


We promise, even if you apply only the new knowledge and skills you discover in your FREE MINI PREMIUM online course, your workplace injuries will reduce within weeks. It's our GIFT to you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying....

"There had been a 75% reduction in lost time days and work comp costs. The cost savings will fund a number of projects we have been looking to do."

Dan Piotrowski
Managing Director, Omni Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee

"The neck movements I learned from Best Performance had me wake the next day with so little pain, I could look behind me while pulling out of my garage without turning my whole body for the first time in a year. "

Adam Solowitz
Executive Sous Chef, La Costa Resort

"I can already see that this is money well spent.  This is really an outstanding program and I can see that not only is work comp going down, but morale and efficiency are improving and ultimately that translates to the guest.  "

April Shute
Vice President and General Manager, Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

"In 25 years involvement in safety and risk management, this is without a question the BEST program I have had the privilege to present...and certainly the most valuable for the employees and the company. I am both proud and happy to let you know the dramatic results achieved: Our claim expenses were $264,214 (114% of premium) when you began your program. After one year, claim expenses decreased to only $4,505 (2% of premium) "

Ernesto Herrera
Human Resources Manager

"Best Performance Systems not only helped us reduce over 50% of our Resorts severity rate year after year, but helped evolve a strong safety culture that sustained with time. I highly recommend their services for any business looking to implement strong and simple safe work practices that team members embrace, and injuries and related costs reduce greatly. The people at Best Performance Systems truly care about results for your staff and property. "

José Hurtado
Certified Lodging Security Director

"Thank you so much for teaching us how to adjust our desks. I had been working for 2 years with arm and wrist pain and I was wearing a brace. Now that the desk is fixed my wrist has improved 100%. "

Lona Bryant
Salon Coordinator, 
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

"Today we received a premium projection largely due to the injury prevention program. Quite frankly, no one expected a premium savings of nearly a quarter of a million dollars."

Millie Bisonó-Baker
Former Director of Human Resources at The Wilshire Grand in Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to say thank you. A team member that is not in my department expressed some discomfort in her lower back. I showed her the low back stretch and how to lift and stand like we learned in the Best Performance workshop. She has expressed that she does feel better at work and at home. Your knowledge has made me a better supervisor. Thank you again. Best Performances is Awesome!"

Jonathan Redd
Manager, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

"The Best Performance training taught me an exercise to relieve neck stiffness. I have used this method daily to relieve stiffness and it works great! It is simple, quick, easy and effective. I used to hurt and take Advil daily. No more drugs for me!"

Steve Lockhart
Guest Room Dining Manager, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

"My hip has been hurting for a few years. It was getting worse and would catch and my leg would give out as I was walking once in a while. The way you taught us to stand and the hip exercises has made the problem go away completely. Thank you. "

Eleazar Altamirano
Front Desk Agent, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

"It is unfortunate I didn’t take the Best Performance course sooner. I’ve had this gnawing pain in my knee for the past 5 weeks and the techniques I learned had me walking and sleeping normal within 24 hours!"

Marc Westengard
Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, La Quinta Resort & Club® and PGA WEST®

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