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Best Performance Systems has developed an integrated system that has had a 100% success rate since 1992 reducing injuries in Hospitality. Our clients  average a 50-94% reduction in injury costs. Unheard of savings! But it is true. What has worked for others WILL work for you. See our testimonials page for the dramatic results reported by our clients.

For years, businesses have been trying to influence employees to work safer with posters, brochures, videos, classes, and incentives … but either nothing changes, or the improvements are just not enough, or there is a good improvement, but they only last a few months. And then the injuries start going back up.

Management often knows what needs to change, but are frustrated at the lack of success. Many hotels have given up and are accepting the high cost of injuries as part of the cost of running the business.

Best Performance Systems has broken the code and succeeds where other programs fail. Go to our home page and learn exactly what we do that influences your workers and supervisors to use the safest and most efficient techniques every day for years to come.

All you have to do is use the simple system and predictably your injuries will plummet saving on work comp costs, your productivity will improve, saving on labor costs, and worker morale and attitude will improve, improving guest experience.  All together we are talking about happier, lower stress, more profitable property.

Best Performance Systems has been reducing hospitality injuries for over 12 years. We study every program in the world, finding the best of the best, creating the most effective program to reduce injury and sustain the new habits for years. We have been able to train hotels, and follow them for years, fine tuning the program for maximum results. The worker training is customized for every task in every department. We have seen it all, and we have addressed it all. But if there is ever an issue or procedure in your hotel that we do not address, let us know and we will create a video based training solution and provide it to you at no additional cost. The training is delivered in a “Behavior Modification” vehicle Workers embrace the training because they experience being empowered and actually feeling better from the first day of training.

Supervisors embrace the training because  Best Performance Systems demonstrates that their needs for improved productivity are fulfilled by workers using safe work habits. Supervisors learn to recognize and reward safe behavior as well as recognize and interact to correct unsafe behavior. They receive tools that require minimal investment of valuable time. Management embraces the Best Performance Systems program because they have simple tools to make sure that supervisors are influencing workers on a daily basis to use the safer work habits. Oh yes… they also see immediate and long term reductions in injuries and increases in productivity, which improves the bottom line.

Dr. Barry Carlin, President of Best Performance Systems has been a leader in injury prevention and productivity enhancement programs since 1987. Dr. Carlin’s methods were influenced by his postgraduate studies in Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Osteopathy, Orthopedics, Athletic Training, Behavior Modification, Accelerated Learning, Biomechanics and Ergonomics. He began his career treating and preventing the injuries of dancers, musicians, athletes and circus performers, as well as improving performance. He also specialized in the treatment and prevention of work related injuries, as well as improving performance. Both workers and performing artists maintain sustained postures and perform repetitive activities. He has spent the last 14 years applying his expertise to the workplace. Best Performance Systems has trained hundreds of companies throughout the U.S. Canada, Europe and Asia. 

The Best Performance Systems  techniques are so predictably effective, that we are asked to speak at many conferences sharing the unique approach because it works. We have been a featured speaker for the last 6 years at the National Ergonomics conference. The largest and most prestigious event in the world on improving safety and productivity in the workplace. The lodging conference on improving the performance of challenged properties from the perspective of owners wishing to prevent bankruptcy, and investors buying and improving troubled properties. Dr. Barry has presented to conferences Internationally on Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention to Hospitality, Dental, Nursing, Police, HR, Risk Management & Insurance Associations, as well as Cirque D’Soleil, the Joffrey Ballet and the San Francisco Symphony. The way that he earned the honor of being a presenter at such prestigious events was the results his clients experience and his high energy entertaining style. 

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