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The "3 Second Rule" for Safety At Work

3 second rule safety Mar 15, 2018

The 3 Second Rule
Today’s post is simple and to the point but will have a great impact on your every day life, at work as well as at home!

Before backing up your car, what do you do?
What do you do before crossing the street?
What do you do before eating something really hot?
The answer to these questions is easy right?

You stop and spend 3 seconds making sure it’s safe for you to proceed safely.

If backing your car up, you want to make sure there is nothing you can run over or hit. When crossing the street,  you look to the left and to the right to make sure no cars are coming and it’s safe to cross. When eating, you make sure it isn’t too hot before you actually put it in your mouth it so you don’t burn yourself!

 You do this unconsciously when there is some level of potential danger or pain. By applying the same reasoning to every task throughout your day, whether at home or at work, you will:

  • Be Most Efficient          
  • Feel Better  
  • Prevent Injuries

The 3 Second Rule:

1.  STOP and THINK for three seconds about the task that you are getting ready to perform.


Any potential hazard:
     Is there anything that could cause an accident?
     Prevent you from reaching your goal?
     That could do harm to others around you?

Your equipment:
     Do you have everything you need?
     If using a machine, is it in good working condition?
     Am I protected enough?

Your body position:
     Will the position you are in create stress on your body?
     Can it be changed?
     Are you in a power position?
     Are there any stretches you can perform to prepare your body for this task?

3. PERFORM the task.

     Use the safest technique.


Place items at a comfortable height to prevent unnecessary reaching, twisting or bending
Place your feet so leg power assists moving the item, instead of back power
Bring items close to you before lifting
Test the weight of the item before lifting
Stand using the 4 principals of best standing
Look for and avoid anything that could cut or poke you

Most injuries come from not being aware at the time of the incident. Taking the time to think for 3 seconds, before each task, will save you and loved ones (even strangers) from painful , sometimes costly, injuries!

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