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Bending When Working

bending lower back pain Apr 04, 2018

In hospitality, there are several issues that are universal contributors to pain, fatigue, poor productivity, injury that ultimately impact the guest experience. This is a source of high workman's compensation costs and also impacts hotel operations in many ways.

One of the most common issues and task workers perform is called "spinal flexion" or to put it into lay terms, bending forward. This could be prolonged bending, repetitive, with or without a load. All of these situations can cause muscle tension and disc injury.

Let’s present the problem, then a simple solution that solves the issue 100% of the time.

Bending forward causes pain fatigue and injury…and results in reduced productivity.

There are 2 causes of these symptoms from bending forward

  1. The back muscles are constantly contracting to hold you up from falling forward, and eventually are in constant spasm or contracture, which causes pain and weakness
  2. The disc in the spine is squeezed and pushed to...
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The "3 Second Rule" for Safety At Work

3 second rule safety Mar 15, 2018

The 3 Second Rule
Today’s post is simple and to the point but will have a great impact on your every day life, at work as well as at home!

Before backing up your car, what do you do?
What do you do before crossing the street?
What do you do before eating something really hot?
The answer to these questions is easy right?

You stop and spend 3 seconds making sure it’s safe for you to proceed safely.

If backing your car up, you want to make sure there is nothing you can run over or hit. When crossing the street,  you look to the left and to the right to make sure no cars are coming and it’s safe to cross. When eating, you make sure it isn’t too hot before you actually put it in your mouth it so you don’t burn yourself!

 You do this unconsciously when there is some level of potential danger or pain. By applying the same reasoning to every task throughout your day, whether at home or at work, you will:

  • Be Most...
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How to Treat and Prevent Computer Eye Strain

computer eye strain Mar 15, 2018

7 Steps for Relief for Computer Eye Strain

Eye strain symptoms occur in 50-90% of computer workers. They range from decreased productivity and increased errors, to annoyances such as eye ache, fatigue, twitching, red eye, headache and vision disturbance.

Here are 7 easy steps to reduce your risk of computer eye strain. Some of these suggestions are not practical in every work situation. The more you do, the better you feel!

 1. Get a comprehensive eye exam
If you ever feel eye strain and work on a computer, get an exam once a year. Measure how far your eyes are from your screen, and bring this measurement to your exam so your eye doctor can test your eyes at that specific working distance.

 2. Use proper lighting
Eye strain often is caused by excessively bright light. Your lighting should be about half as bright as most offices. Reduce exterior light by closing drapes. Reduce interior lighting by using fewer or lower intensity bulbs. You can also use ambient...

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Coming Soon....Online Courses!

Best Performance Systems has been conducting on-site, instructor-led training on "Injury Reduction and Prevention in the Workplace" for 20+ years.  Dr. Barry Carlin recently decided to make this valuable content available in a digital format, as well.  At the time of this blog post, he is busy on his computer...creating several online courses that will be available for sale soon!  

Here is a preview of what's coming....

  • Hospitality - Hotel Housekeeping 
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  • Hospitality - Hotel Banquet and Houseman

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