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Housekeeping is traditionally the source of most of the injuries in any hotel.

Many hotels have tried to prevent the injuries with little to no success. The problem is so severe, that California imposed  regulations that came into effect July 1 2018, requiring every hotel in the state to provide Housekeeping injury prevention that works. You can read the new Cal/OSHA regulation here

The Best Performance program completely fulfills these regulations. Best Performance has broken the code and we predictably reduce injuries beyond what any hotel thought possible. We have  a 100% success rate with housekeeping in hotels for 12 years, with an average injury cost reduction of 50-90%

Housekeepers tell us things like: I have taken Advil so I can work every day for years. Since Best Performance came here I don’t take any pills. Often when we walk into a department for morning pre shift, our trainers get applause and hugs.

We are constantly learning from housekeepers. We combine their expertise at doing their job, with our expertise in body mechanics. This is why Best Performance is the most successful program to reduce housekeeping injuries available

How It Works

The behavior modification based videos are 2-10 minutes long. You will receive TWO each week for workers and TWO each week for supervisors...for an entire year The supervisor simply shows the video at a meeting, then asks THREE questions which Best Performance provides. The supervisor applies simple techniques for 3-5 minutes per day that influences workers to use the healthier techniques. This includes: Team Building, Coaching, Leadership, Conflict Resolution

Supervisor Trainings

Supervisors will receive simple to implement and maintain skills to impact your teams and department.


Worker Trainings

Workers will receive two types of videos. 
1. Technique to take less stress into your body and be most efficient
2.  How to self diagnose and self treat to relieve or prevent discomfort


Supervisor Trainings

Supervisors will receive 1-2 very short videos per week, with skills that are easy-to-implement and maintain that will have impact on your teams and department. The Supervisor training includes but is not limited to the following:

Each is a simple, non time demanding, effective tool to impact positive behavior of your team or individuals.

When you like a technique, use it. If one does not feel right to you, don’t use it.

We are giving you tools. You choose which ones work for you and your team.

This is a system, and the system reduces injuries and improves productivity 100% of the time…..if it is applied. Everything in this curriculum is included because we came across the issue often enough at multiple properties that it is an issue in Hospitality.

When you deliver the worker training videos to your team, please watch them. You need to know the material well enough to correct, remind and influence the workers to use them. You can look at any of the videos, for workers or supervisors, on your computer, iPad or mobile phone.

Supervisor Curriculum

  1. Intro to Best performance: Overview, benefits to the supervisor and tools for success
  2. How to implement video training with workers and follow up to insure it is used
  3. Kudos Program: Reward, remind, influence workers to use safe and efficient habits daily and for years
  4. Effects of spinal flexion on pain, injury and productivity
  5. Communication to influence and motivate worker the Best worker behavior
  6. Observe, assess and improve worker technique Part 1
  7. Influence workers to embrace new ideas and procedures: Mental digestion
  8. Changing 2 group Behaviors for a better department:  Team Building
  9. Team and Morale Building: Coach group to take action to improve the department-Monday Morning Meetings
  10. Influence young, fit, pain free workers to use good technique: Rocky Marciano story
  11. Quick influential daily safety comments and communication
  12. Turning poor workers into great workers: Making them a “10”
  13. Self Care advice for tendon pain
  14. Teaching and presentation skills Part 1
  15. Teaching and presentation skills Part 2
  16. Effective practical accident investigation
  17. Coaching conversations to influence pride and professional growth in your team members
  18. Situational Leadership: How to recognize what kind of leadership each worker wants
  19. How to lead based on generational differences
  20. How to have your team Trust you more Part 1
  21. How to have your team Trust you more Part 2
  22. Non confrontational Conflict Resolution
  23. What workers do when you’re not there is based on how you treat them when you are there


Worker Trainings

The Worker trainings includes but is not limited to the following:

Technique which gives more strength and endurance, and causes less harmful stress to the workers body

  1. Clean a tub, toilet, and anything close to floor level with no bending or twisting
  2. Vacuum and mop without bending or twisting
  3. Reach high to clean or place objects with their legs holding them high, instead of shoulders and back
  4. Fluff with their legs instead of their shoulders and back
  5. Lift mattress corners with their legs instead of their back
  6. Straighten the bedding finishing the bed without bending or reaching
  7. Pulling dirty linen with arms and legs, and not shoulders and back
  8. Place items in the room during cleaning to avoid trip hazards and prevent unnecessary bending
  9. Lifting in every possible scenario with arms and legs, not the back
  10. Pushing, pulling, manipulating carts

Self Evaluation and Self Treatment & Prevention of normal areas of stress, fatigue, tension and pain

3 Breath movements performed hourly which also increase strength, endurance and productivity

Workers will do them because they provide instant relief, and instantly work seems easier

  1. Neck
  2. Shoulders
  3. Arms
  4. Hands, wrist, fingers
  5. Upper back
  6. Low back
  7. Hips
  8. Legs
  9. Knee
  10. Foot and ankle


Benefits For Your Staff

With behavior modification based videos and procedures, we successfully influence housekeepers to learn what is safe and comfortable technique and understand what is “at risk” technique, as it relates to the tasks they physically perform daily and repetitively. They are reminded and rewarded to use the “best” technique. They are not told what to do. They are empowered and actually choose to because it simply feels better.  Work now seems easier and with these new habits in place, they are more productive, pain-free, with far fewer injuries!

Benefits For Your Hotel

With less injuries, you will save on work comp costs. Employees with less pain, greater strength and endurance are more productive--reducing labor costs.  When they feel better, rooms are cleaned more thoroughly.  They are happier, more pleasant and accommodating--which translates into better guest experience. The department runs better and your Supervisors are less stressed. The sum of this is your hotel is more profitable! If your hotel is in California, you will be 100% in compliance with new Cal/OSHA Housekeeping Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention Program (MIPP) regulations

Hotel in Palm Springs, California 

A resort near Palm springs with 1500 workers reduced injuries by $1Million annually which has held for 5 years so far. And they went from January 1-October 24 2016 without a single lost time injury.

Hotel in Carlsbad, California 

The housekeeping department of a resort in Carlsbad with 1200 workers, after working with Best Performance went from 5 injuries per month to 90 days injury free.


12-Month Online Training Program



Weekly Video Trainings for Supervisors and Workers 

Systems To Sustain Daily Use Of Healthier Habits

Checklists, Transcripts And Posters You Can Download

Supervisors Can Access 24/7 Any Computer or Mobile Device

In English and Spanish

Cal/OSHA (MIPP) Compliant

Incredible Injury Cost Reductions

Improved Productivity

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